A Philosophy Learning Blog

Poor reader who has accidentally landed on my blog, welcome.
I have decided to self-educate in matters philosophical, you see. But I find the college tuition costs both unaffordable and tragically overinflated.

Besides, you go to college to get a decent job – I have that already. Besides-II, the memology department has already made sure we all understand the perils of choosing a field that doesn’t “create value” on the market. “Don’t wanna be poor? Just get a higher-paying job! Or one that has the potential to become so!” Damn, I was supposed to cite the greats in a blog on philosophy, not the pettiest of humans.
We’ll get there. One day.

My 1st year curriculum looks like this:

Philosophy – 1st Year Curriculum

In a later post I will add the whole curriculum as well as individual syllabuses and alternative sources, and offer their sad little backstory of how they got on my to-do list. And why them.

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